Re: Tri-Sorb snubbers on reefers

Tim O'Connor

That list of route miles traveled by two cars is fascinating. And only 9 round trips in 13 months!!

On 11/11/2019 6:36 PM, np328 wrote:
     While at the Chicagoland 2019 RPM gathering and after presentations were complete, I was walking past a room and noted Steve Hile, Doug Harding, Roger Hinman, and a smattering of others gathered in a presentation room with images passing on a screen.
     Of these 3 fellows above gathered in one area, I knew enough not to walk on by and quietly entered and took a seat. I can't reveal the topic at hand as this could be a future presentation in the works by one of these folks however.... for not closing the door or booting anyone out, I will bring a small token of thanks - in these image postings below.    

      Found in an NP file at the Minnesota Historical Society some time ago while on a tangential search, was this clipping of a snubber device for refrigerator cars. I am not how sure wide spread the use of these was however present them here for educational purposes should these ever be found in a photo. Other paperwork in the President's file has an NP Mechanical officer at HQ telling the Como Shops supervisor to order two dozen of these "for testing" in the same 1930's time frame. They look easy enough to reproduce in HO or any other scale. 

   For the rest of you, presented for your amusement....                                                                                                                                                               Jim Dick       Roseville, MN 


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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