Re: Nalco Weed Sprayer and tank cars

Steve and Barb Hile

These Nalco sprayers seem to just come in under the wire for the Steam Era list, being circa 1959 builds as National Aluminate sought to diversify from its primary focus of steam locomotive water treatment chemicals into a broader spectrum of chemical products and services, including weed spraying.  It was in 1959 that it changed its name to Nalco.
If I were wanting to do one of these cars, I would probably start with an Intermountain AAR 10'6" boxcar kit.  The separate ends would make it easy to substitute cut-up Tichy USRA 5-5-5 ends.  As Jack Mullen suggests, a radial roof seems appropriate.  The car side tabs would have to go and the side door opening be filled.  Archer Rivets could be used, either on the replacement panel or on a smooth full side to get the 12 total panels.  How far to lower the rear of the sides and what is on the top of that platform will be the challenge.  I found a small side view shot using Google leading to Pinterest, but could not pull up a decent image.  You would think that there could be some article of advertisement in the RR press of the late 50's that could show some more details.
Good luck,
Steve Hile

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Thanks, that would be my blog on MRH.  Maybe I should have elaborated more.  My brother purchased the Great Northern Railway historical society weed sprayer kit but hasn't gotten around to building it so he let me have a go at it.  We were hoping it would be a close stand into the NALCO weed sprayer that was used on the C&EI as in the original post.  However, even a short glance shows that the GNR weed sprayer is much too different to be a close match.  Therefore, I am looking for suggestions on which type of boxcar would be a good starting point for a kitbash of the NALCO sprayer.  Does anyone recognize the corrugation patterns on the end? 
I also wanted to include a few in progress shots of the GNRHS weed sprayer resin kit. 

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