Re: How's Tichy doing currently, decal thickness and all?

Roger Huber <trainpainter@...>

Don & Others,

I've had some personal nasty emails about my comments concerning the Tichy decals. I don't understand as I have not said anything negative about Tichy or their decals or other products. 

I intended and thought my comments were more supportive than negative so I can't understand the ire directed my way. I merely stated that for those who think they are too thick BASED ON THE COMMENTS HERE FROM OTHER POSTERS that I felt just tossing them based on these comments was sort of dumb. If you've already paid for them then you should use them and see if they are actually too thick. They aren't permanent and come off easy.

Some folks said the decals were old stock from Jerry Glow and they were fine but new ones by Tichy were too thick. I don't know.

If my comments have ruffled some people I feel sorry for you as you're obviously seeing something that wasn't there.

Jeeze, Guys!

Roger Huber
Deer Creek Locomotive Works

On Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 03:36:16 PM CST, Donald B. Valentine via Groups.Io <riverman_vt@...> wrote:

Decals are only as good as the film they are printed on, Roger, and thhat seems to be the trouble we
continually hear about Tichy decals. From whAT I hear elsewere the only place one can purchase good
decal sheets lately are in England. Their decal pricing is also better as is that from Italy. The old
expression is the consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds but if the film is not of consistent and
constant quality no one is going to be successful in the decal field.

Just another point of view, Don Valentine

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