Re: Hormel Meat Reefer traffic was Tri-Sorb snubbers on reefers

William Hirt

Since we are discussing meat traffic, I dug into the 1959 CB&Q wheel reports that showed interchange cars going to IHB via Congress Park, Illinois, for forwarding. I have a couple of dates and list the meat traffic per day below. The NKP numbers are low because most of the eastbound CB&Q meat traffic for NKP went via Peoria (especially Morrell traffic). There was a blow up with Morrell and the Q several years later when the Q tried to change it (post Lou Menk) and get the longer haul to Chicago. They received the threat of Morrell pulling their traffic unless it was put back to Peoria. It was quickly changed to go back through Peoria.

April 5, 1959: May 1, 1959: July 19, 1959:
2 Meat B&O 4 Meat B&O 4 Meat B&O
3 Meat C&O 15 Meat C&O 3 Meat C&O
9 Meat ERIE 9 Meat ERIE 2 Meat C&EI
2 Meat GTW 2 Meat IC 4 Meat ERIE
2 Meat IC 1 Meat MON 3 Meat GTW
2 Meat MC (NYC) 11 Meat NKP 2 Meat IC
7 Meat NKP 62 Meat NYC 2 Meat MC (NYC)
34 Meat NYC 2 Meat PM (C&O) 3 Meat NKP
12 Meat PRR 24 Meat PRR 28 Meat NYC
    3 Meat PRR

Totals from sample:

B&O 10
C&EI 2
C&O 21
IC 6
4 MC (NYC)
21 NKP
124 NYC
39 PRR

Bill Hirt

On 11/13/2019 12:44 AM, Douglas Harding wrote:

Bruce I don’t dispute the PRR was a large railroad and thus moved a large number of freight car. Because of its size it did carry a high percentage of traffic of all kinds, close to 20% of the miles recorded by the Hormel cars were on the PPR. But that still does not excuse the fact that meat moving east out of Chicago was routed on the NKP, Erie, NYC and many other roads through or to areas also served by the PRR. Meat reefers were high priority loads. The IC even held passenger trains in sidings to allow meat traffic to keep moving eastward toward Chicago. Other roads simply moved the meat faster than the PRR, so they got the business from the meat packers.


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