Re: New video of my layout

Nolan Hinshaw

On Nov 12, 2019, at 17:50, Tony Thompson <> wrote:

For anyone who might be interested, there's a new commercial video that has just been posted of my layout (link below) and maybe also to my blog post about it. The blog post is here:
Schist, that's gneiss. Your comment in the blog post about the ads is a bit off-center - the ads don't always show up.

^<@<.@* hat less at less point at star
}"_# | back brace double base pound space bar
-@$&/_% dash at cash and slash base rate
!(^I@|=> wow open tab at bar is great
;`+$?^? semi backquote plus cash huh DEL
,#"~|)^G comma pound double tilde bar close BEL

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