Re: OMI 1930-built GATC 10,000 Gal double dome tank car

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Uh, Fred,

Since you model the early 1950s, if you want NIPX 8 and want it to be accurate, you might check some ORERs to see when this car (and this reporting mark) went out of service. NIPX does not appear in my 1958 ORER, though the car might have been sold or assigned to some other user by then.

On the subject of twin-dome tank cars, it might be interesting if someone with the research materials compiled a list of such cars. I can only offer what I've seen in published photos, plus NATX 4753 at Steamtown which I saw and photographed. Sinclair had a few 6K cars running as UNPX 100-116 (not sure if they were all twins though). Kanotex ran KOTX 8138, which had a second offset dome, a shop conversion of a single-dome car. SHPX 84 was an 8K tank whose builder's photo is often reproduced. I have seen a photo of a Magnolia AC&F high-walkway twin, though it was too fuzzy to make out the number. There was a photo of 7K GATX 29954 in a Mark Fedderson article, July 1988 MM, on kitbashing a twin from the Tichy "model". Finally, Ed Hawkins had an article in PRC 10 with a mess of ACF type 27 twins, including a complete roster from 1928-1948. 

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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only exact match afaik

On 11/4/2019 4:32 AM, Fred Jansz wrote:

purchased this OMI 1930-built GATC 10,000 Gal double dome tank car recently.
However, I have no info about these cars at all regarding time span and paint schemes.
I model/collect 1950 (the year).
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you, best regards,
Fred Jansz


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts


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