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Bill Lugg

Since I was stuck in moderator limbo for several days, I discovered a previous thread on these cars and specifically a message from Eric Hansmann compiling some very helpful prototype info from the June 1993 Rail Model Journal article about the flat cars (unfortunately, the link seems to result in a database access error now).  So I'm abandoning the plan stated below and selecting some from the list in the aforementioned message.

I do have a couple of questions though.  Several list "Mineral Red paint" would a close match be box car red or is a different color of red called for?  Are there any photos of the SP&S, T&P, DL&W, Cotton Belt and CP cars to use for lettering guides? Is there a chance anyone out there happens to have a copy of the linked article I could get a scan of for reference?  It would really help in building these and I've been unsuccessful in finding any from other sources.

Thanks for the help.
Bill Lugg

On 11/1/19 9:30 PM, William Lugg wrote:
I'm working on a six pack of HO scale Tichy 50 ton, 40 foot flat cars and have decided to letter them for six different roads.  I model the UP in the 1950-1953 time frame so I'm thinking of using UP, SP, WP, D&RGW, AT&SF and C&NW as my road choices. My question is are there online resources that will tell me what color to pain the car and what number series would be valid for each road in this time frame?  I've done some searching on Google, but have come up dry so far.  Photos would be even better if they're out there.

Bill Lugg

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