Re: How's Tichy doing currently, decal thickness and all?

Bill Lugg

I just ordered some decals from them a couple of weeks ago - the set for their six-pack of 40-fot, 50-ton flat cars.  I found them to be clear and sharp, but unusually thick as you mention.  I was a little surprised at this characteristic as I've never ordered from them before.

By the way, you may receive this message twice as I'm replying to the list and to you directly.  I just subscribed to the list and seem to be caught in "moderator hell".  I've posted a couple of messages, but they never show up, so I assume they're awaiting approval by the moderator.  I assume this one will suffer the same fate.

Bill Lugg

On 11/10/19 8:48 AM, Fred Jansz wrote:
Hi all,
I'm in need of a few Tichy decals sets.
I hesitate becaus in the near past the printing was very thick and would hide fine details like rivets.
Just wonder if the production changed and they are useable now, since my last order ended in the waste bin.
Your advice is welcome.
Fred Jansz

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