Re: Boxcar With Roof Hatches

Lester Breuer

Garth regarding  MINX 1040 wood boxcar with hatches, straight steel center sills, here is what I have.

Based on reporting marks requesting empty return to Corona, California, car 1040 was used to deliver roofing granules manufactured at that plant.

Equipment register: the earliest ORER entry Richard Hendrickson could find was June, 1938.

Mike Nolan article in Minnagazette, Fall 2002
ORER July 1950 shows 49 boxcars all with roof hatches, really small pipes with caps.

ORER January 1965 shows 12 of these MINX cars still in use.  Since car 1040 is not listed among them it must have been retired by this time.

There is no evidence of who built  the cars.  Best guess is cars purchased second hand.

Lester Breuer

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