Re: How's Tichy doing currently, decal thickness and all?

Jake Schaible

Totally agree with Ken, that Tichy decals make for great PFE medallions.  But to my eyes, the white on the SP logo is a wee bit thin, and I'd kill for a correct UP "System" Logo (something never been done yet in N scale waterslide.)

PFE Logos: Tichy vs Microscale in N.

Tichy PFE datablock in N.

Microscale PFE Datablock in N.

While for lager text, the inkjet (depending on color) do "pile" paint more (to get saturation), they seem to actually produce better small text, given silk screens are not able to reliably hold small text and often suffer element lose.  


>James SANDIFER "Titchy decals are extremely thick. There is no way I have found to blend them into a car."

You might want to give this method a try.  Not mine, but comes from an acclaimed N scale modelers who happens to work at Microtrains, and he offered this when a similar comment about thick ink jet decals was made back in 2017 on the same TRW thread I referenced above.  His "Solvaset plus hairdryer" method has word for me even in N scale, but is take a lot of time and is a PITA.    


"Archer textured decals are made by the same sort of printer using the same inks as Tichy.  One of the issues you have is the thickness of the white inks to gain the kind of opacity you need.  Until we can get a machine that can do thermal printing like our trusty Alps over irregular surfaces this is the process we have to work with.  I think you will also find you'll have difficulty getting these over ribs and other surface details.  The ink doesn't soften with traditional decal solvent solutions easily so you have to really work on getting them to set. I have used Solvaset and a hair dryer to good effect."

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