Re: How's Tichy doing currently, decal thickness and all?

Dick Harley

The problems with Tichy PFE decals far extend past their being too thick (you can feel the ink with your finger nail).

Tichy PFE decals have lettering that is the wrong size and shape - some too big, some too small.  The numbers are the wrong size, and their shape is nowhere near what PFE (and SP and UP) used.  The UP medallions are the wrong shape and style.

Compare lettering to the SPH&TS painting & lettering book, or new Microscale sets 87-501 or 60-501.  Compare medallions to the book or Microscale 87-414 or MC-4021.
Tichy's PFE artwork is just not accurate - or even close. 

Dick Harley
Laguna Beach,  CA

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