Red Caboose NP reefer kitbash with CVMW roof

Andy Carlson

The Central Valley NP Stock Car roof is too wide as a relict of a decision which Jack Parker made in the preliminary design of the stock car. He felt that if made wider, it would allow the cars to make tight radiuses, and perhaps with other perceived reasons.

The car roof needs to be narrowed enough to fit correctly on the RC reefer, and the 1/8" is from memory. I suggest narrowing it exactly to fit. That is what dial calipers are a great tool to have. Fortunately narrowing a curved roof has the joint hidden from the running board. The joint where the two halves bond together will not be tangent. I suppose that a bit of sanding may fix this little problem, but it is not visible with the running board, but you will know!

Another thing--lucky for anyone working on this kitbash, the modifications to get the ends to fit the new roof is made easier in that 0.010" styrene end fascias cover the gaps which an imperfect fitting leaves behind. Don't forget the Accurail fishbelly under frame!

Maybe Dan Smith can comment on the conversion, as he is saw Jerry Glow's work in person before Jerry left California for the land of heat and humidity.

I am no expert on this project, I m simply passing on the ideas as shared with Dave Koester who was the original person who came up with the idea. He told me that the finished NP reefer is close to being accurate, but I think that it would fail the Byron Rose test.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

On Thursday, November 14, 2019, 5:38:31 PM PST, radiodial868 <radiodial@...> wrote:

This sounds interesting and a way to salvage these beautiful looking paint jobs. Andy, when you say narrow the roof by 1/8", do you mean remove the running board and split the roof under the running board and remove the 1/8" there?
RJ Dial

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