Re: Looking for car colors and road numbers (Tichy Flatcars)


The Airhose bracket on the SSW is rubber Hi-Techs and the DL&W is plastic Kadee with those crappy flimsy hoses replaced with black wire. 
As for the deck, that is a strong point of the Tichys. Attached is a set of images of the paint sequence.
  1. Gray solvent based primer (ModelMaster in this case).
  2. Swipes of thinned acrylic paint colors of the usual suspects: burnt & raw umbers & siennas, black, gray
  3. A thinned acrylic paint oxide or boxcar red wash
  4. Followed by a black artists oils wash
  5. Followed by good old Dullcoat.
Apologize for the bandwidth on STMFC, but never have shared this on Resin Freight Cars, because these ain't resin!
RJ Dial

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