Re: Red Caboose NP reefer kitbash with CVMW roof

Matthew Hurst

Good morning,

Just saw the photos of the NP stock car in Winchester,VA. Love it. Do you live near or in the area of Winchester?  If so I would love to see your layout. 

Always like to see models of my hometown. 


Matthew Hurst. 

On Nov 15, 2019, at 8:44 AM, Fran Giacoma <frangiacoma@...> wrote:

I pretty much went with what Andy described when I built my CV NP stock car. However, being a "good enough" model for my HO late 1956 era B&O Shenandoah Sub-division layout, I just narrowed the ends and roof, and used the rest of the kit as is. I used dimensions from a diagram of the car and photos found online. Pictures are attached including one showing it being weighed on the scale at Winchester, VA.
Fran Giacoma


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