Re: Revenue Divisions Between Railroads

Doug Polinder

Alex, thanks for the post.  Some of us remember and lament the loss of the MIGN and Chief (I rode the former from Rockford to Cedar Springs).  Are you saying Chicago was a gateway for MIGN?  How did they get there?  I thought the southern gateway was Grand Rapids, interchange with CSX (also at Reed City), CR, and GTW (and AA at Cadillac).

After partial deregulation in 1980 divisions remained a subject of negotiation between the carriers.  Sometimes potential movements were never realized because one of the participating railroads was too greedy.  Sometimes there was no satisfactory intermediate point where the participants could interchange and each get an equitable share of the revenue.  I was with BN and was trying to negotiate with my counterpart at CP for a move from Seattle to Minot ND.  Turns out the only workable interchange points were Minot itself and Sumas WA, meaning one of the participants would get only a couple hundred bucks, so that move never took place.

I'm glad to hear Fred Crissey is still with us.

Doug Polinder
Poquoson VA

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