Re: Looking for car colors and road numbers (Tichy Flatcars)


So you don't think I'm like my grandmother, sweet lady, but she would always leave out some part of a recipe she was asked to share. 
  • I forgot to mention that one needs to really gouge up the surface first using a #17 Xacto chisel blade. Drag it, stab it, gouge it, split it & so on.
  • Another item is that these images used Floquil Foundation as the base color instead of gray primer. Only dif is that it varies the overall look across a fleet of cars. The key is to use a solvent based base coat followed by acrylic colors.
  • As the one image shows, I used artists paints in the squeeze tubes onto a glass plate, wetting the brush and then getting a little color on the brush.
  • Another trick, is that for decks that were originally painted (i.e. SP), I'll also add some of the body color to the palette. Similarly, I'll leave a board unpainted now and then to represent replacements. They still get the washes though.
  • I've also done this with wood decks like Model Masterpieces with the same results.
RJ Dial
Burlingame, CA

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