HO Scale Wedge Plow Blade

Nelson Moyer

The CB&Q used gondola wedge push plows in the early years, but in 1948, they scrapped the gondolas, salvaged the wedge blades, and mounted them on FM-11 and FM-11A flat cars. I’d like to model one of these wedge plows, but I can’t fine scale drawings of the blade. I checked Shapeways, and none of the blades I found match the Q wedge type. It seems like the wedge plow blade would be a natural for 3D printing for someone with CAD skills. Has anyone done the blade drawings suitable for 3D printing? Alternatively, has anyone published an article on construction the blade, including patterns for cutting the blade parts? I have the MR Jan 1957 article, but the blade doesn’t look quite right for the CB&Q. I have several photos of the Q wedge plows to work from, but I don’t do CAD.


The Q had over 100 of these cars, and they were distributed at division points, sub-division points, and other yards across the system. Other roads like the GN used them, so there should be a market for a 3D printed version in HO scale.


Nelson Moyer

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