Re: NP Wood Reefer


I'd like to share my thoughts about the NP reefers. This is my own thinking and some of it is speculation.
Please correct me if appropriate!
That said there seems to to be 4 different designs of underframe used on the NP reefers,(According to Brian Pate's kit instructions all the nominal 40 ft cars shared similar body dimensions and details by the 1930's)
Underframe type 1 Shown in the 1912 CBD, it was standard on box, automobile, stock, and reefers built
1912-13. A very heavily built fishbelly center sill and bolsters with a truss rod under each side sill.
Needle beams were wood. I think this is the underframe in Mr.Deimlings drawing shown above.
Underframe type 2 Used on reefers built in 1917 looks to be similar to type 1 except needle beams
are fabricated steel but still with the truss rod. The picture of NP 94631 shows this type of car. I bet as built the body was like the 1913 cars in Mr. Deimling's drawing.
Underfrane type 3- Cars built in 1922 had an underframe which upon study of photos looks to be the same as the USRA standard reefer,except that the NP car is slightly longer and wider:i.e.the NP "scaled up"the USRA design.The number of  rivets used looks to be the same.
Underframe type 4(from Brain Pate's kit instructions) used the type 1 center sill and bolsters with new steel crossbearers similar to the 1917 design but without the truss rods-the side sill was steel channel as in the 1922 cars. this was in 1930. These cars were the prototype for Pate's kit.

I also wonder if this same progression of underframes was found in NP box cars, What do you all think?
Larry King

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