Re: NP Wood Reefer

Dennis Storzek

On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 08:39 PM, lrkdbn wrote:
Underfrane type 3- Cars built in 1922 had an underframe which upon study of photos looks to be the same as the USRA standard reefer,except that the NP car is slightly longer and wider:i.e.the NP "scaled up"the USRA design.The number of  rivets used looks to be the same.
Larry, Thanks for injecting some clarity into this discussion. Your refference to the USRA reefer underfranme means it should have crossbearers like this:

Crossbearer shown on the left, body bolster on the right.

In which case the Accurail fishbelly floor would be correct for those cars. Now, if someone had a roster so we could reconcile your built dates with actual car numbers, we would have this sorted. I unfortunately don't have any N.P. material.

Dennis Storzek

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