Re: NP Wood Reefer

I've spent too much time trying to research NP wood reefers and really wish someone else would do the job.  The rooster changed over time.  An example is the 92000 series.  An earlier series had "steel center sills", a 43'-4" outside length and 2097 cubic feet.  The Oct. 1940 lists only four cars left, compared to 866 in 1935.  This group totally disappeared in the 1940s but the number series was then used for rebuilt wood reefers.  So be careful.

Photo of NP 92629 is a Ted Culotta scan for ebay of a later car.  Tacoma, WA 2-18-55 from Bob's Photo.

Photo of NP 92238 I bought from Arnold Menke at O Scale West. Photo taken Portland, OR in Nov. 1936 and shows a still different underframe.  Scanned and posted here without his permission.  Better prints can be bought from him.  Arn's Rail Photos, 1429 Franklin St, Bisbee, Arizona 85603  waspman@...

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