Re: Looking for car colors and road numbers (Tichy Flatcars)


Huh? Gotta love it. What's a poor modeler to do.  Step 23 of the Owl Mountain SP F-50 flatcar instructions says "Paint Specs called for SP Flatcars to have decks painted flatcar red".   The instructions references some book by a guy named Anthony W. Thompson called "Southern Pacific Freight Cars Vol 3" for photos.    Jason, you got some 'splaining to do!   :>(p
RJ Dial

  • Another trick, is that for decks that were originally painted (i.e. SP), I'll also add some of the body color to the palette. Similarly, I'll leave a board unpainted now and then to represent replacements. They still get the washes though.
    If by SP you mean Southern Pacific, I can assure you that SP did not paint flat car decks, ever, at least prior to 1960. They did use treated wood, but not paint.
Tony Thompson

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