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DeGolyer library at SMU, has the freight car drawings for all of the predecessor rr's of BN. They also have the Q locomotive steam drawings collection. 

Last I knew, none of this is cataloged, and they may even deny having these collections. Good luck. 

Do the Q's plows look like anybody else's?

Great Lakes society has a good collection of drawings of a variety of central states rr's. 

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On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 8:08 PM, Nelson Moyer
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The CB&Q used gondola wedge push plows in the early years, but in 1948, they scrapped the gondolas, salvaged the wedge blades, and mounted them on FM-11 and FM-11A flat cars. I’d like to model one of these wedge plows, but I can’t fine scale drawings of the blade. I checked Shapeways, and none of the blades I found match the Q wedge type. It seems like the wedge plow blade would be a natural for 3D printing for someone with CAD skills. Has anyone done a blade drawings suitable for 3D printing? Alternatively, has anyone published an article on construction the blade, including patterns for cutting the blade parts? I have the MR Jan 1957 article, but the blade doesn’t look quite right for the CB&Q. I have several photos of the Q wedge plows to work from, but I don’t do CAD.


The Q had over 100 of these cars, and they were distributed at division points, sub-division points, and other yards across the system. Other roads like the GN used them, so there should be a market for a 3D printed version in HO scale.


Nelson Moyer


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