NP Wood Reefer

Andy Carlson

I am reminded that back in the late 1980s, while riding the OP&E steam train (The Emperor of the North" railroad), there was a nice condition wood sided NP reefer along side of the tracks shortly after exiting Cottage Grove, the starting point for the steam trip to Bohemia. Does this reefer still survive, and if so could it be of use in revealing its underframe for those of us who care?

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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I've spent too much time trying to research NP wood reefers and really wish someone else would do the job.  The rooster changed over time.  An example is the 92000 series.  An earlier series had "steel center sills", a 43'-4" outside length and 2097 cubic feet.  The Oct. 1940 lists only four cars left, compared to 866 in 1935.  This group totally disappeared in the 1940s but the number series was then used for rebuilt wood reefers.  So be careful.


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