Re: Intermountain PFE Reefer Issue

Tony Thompson

Nelson Moyer wrote:

I hate preordering because we’re buying pigs in pokes, in the most recent case, multi-colored pigs in pokes. I pre-ordered twelve steel and wood PFE reefers. The first six have arrived over the past two years. Among these six cars, there are three distinctly different roof/end colors, as shown in the accompanying photo. We have light oxide, sort of mineral red, and sort of brown.

      I can tell you that I have complained repeatedly to Frank Angstead and his cohorts about exactly this, and they say that color is a "hard issue in China." Helpful to know.

 I defer to Tony Thompson as to which if any of the extant roof/end colors is ‘correct’.

       As I have said to IM folks, and will repeat here, the paint chips in the back of the PFE book were printed with on-press color checking by me, at the printer, against the original chips. Whenever in doubt, consult the book.

Tony Thompson

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