Re: tank car UTLX 45622 while on the Western Maryland

Bruce Smith


I am not certain, but yes, the car has GATC features and may have been built by General American for UTL, or for a previous owner. I’d like to see more of the ends and bolsters before making a public commitment to that :)  The near car appears to be a UTLX built insulated/pressurized car of significantly larger capacity.



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On Nov 20, 2019, at 8:10 AM, Claus Schlund &#92;(HGM&#92;) <claus@...> wrote:

Hi List Members,
In the image linked below, we get a view of tank car UTLX 45622 while on the Western Maryland
Some extra image data can be seen at the link below...
Note the image is mirror reversed.
I'm not a tank car expert, but I suspect this particular car was built to a GATX design - am I correct?
Claus Schlund

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