Re: tank car UTLX 45622 while on the Western Maryland

Schleigh Mike

Agreed, Steve,

The photo shows the heater bracket rivets but the Tariff is silent regarding their presence.  Perhaps the 7900 gallonage (less than 8K) suggests the heaters are present but no longer functional.

I note that your book (UTLX - Steam Era Tank Cars), pages 128 & 129, illustrate two former owners that might be origins of the 45622.

I am grateful for both books----Mike Schleigh in Grove City, Penna.

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I will agree with Mike, with one small exception.  Cars in this series did have heaters.  The pairs of rivets along the lower half of the tank sides are a clue, confirmed in the 1952 UTLX listing.
Steve Hile

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Hello Group!

UTLX 45622 appears in the 1955 Tank Car Tariff with 7900 gallons capacity and a 207 gallon dome; a simple tanker with no heater.  Further, to me, it seems a near-dead-on match for the Tangent General American 1917-Design 8000 gallon Tank Car 19005-01 model.  Only the KC brakes and the trucks on the model are different.

Regards from Grove City, Penna----Mike Schleigh 

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Hi List Members,
In the image linked below, we get a view of tank car UTLX 45622 while on the Western Maryland
Some extra image data can be seen at the link below...
Note the image is mirror reversed.
I'm not a tank car expert, but I suspect this particular car was built to a GATX design - am I correct?
Claus Schlund

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