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Jeffrey White

The IC painted trucks black.  However from 1947 through 1955 open top cars were painted brown and I've seen plenty of color photos that show brown hoppers and gons with brown trucks. I've never seen a photo of a brown flat car with brown trucks though. 

I honestly think it depended on what the guys in the paint shop felt like that day.

Jeff White

Alma IL

On 11/19/2019 9:54 PM, Nelson Moyer wrote:

About ten years ago I built a large number of assorted boxcars, hoppers, gondolas, and flat cars for many roads, all from Branchline, Intermountain, Red Caboose, and P2K kits. At the time, I was clueless about truck color, so all of the trucks are black. Now that I realize that one color doesn’t fit all roads, I need to know the truck color for all of these cars, i.e. black or boxcar red. Is there a table of roads and truck colors anywhere? I can only afford so many color books, and I can’t be an expert on multiple roads. After ten years, I’m just now getting comfortable with CB&Q practice. To simplify my question, which roads painted trucks boxcar red? I’m modeling 1953, so that limits the range to wood DS and SS boxcars, 1932, 1937, and PS-1 boxcars, and misc. hoppers, gondolas and flat cars appropriate for my era.


Nelson Moyer

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