Re: Wedge Plow Blades

Nelson Moyer

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m looking to model. Thanks for the photos. The flat car is either a FM-11 or FM-11A. The difference is that they were separate order numberx, so once they are renumbered for MOW service, there’s no way to tell which class they came from in a photo. The early conversions had a wood ‘box’ to hold the rock ballast, while later builds had steel plates for the box sides. I’d like to model the wood ballast box version as shown in your photos. Maybe your photos will inspire someone to do the CAD drawing of the blade for 3D printing.


Nelson Moyer


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I this what you're after, Nelson? It's not petite! It's at the Colorado RR Museum and I took a break from scanning photos this afternoon & went outside and took some photos. Interesting arrangement for raising & lowering the blade. 

Tom Madden

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