Re: [Non-DoD Source] Re: [RealSTMFC] Are these the recently discussed LCL Corp containers being loaded into B&O gons?


The "Report of the Mechanical Advisory Committee to the Federal Coordinator of Transportation" [Dec 27, 1935] indicates the B&O had 300 LCL merchandise containers since 1929. Capacity 420 cubic ft, with dimensions of 9' 3.5" x 7' 2.5" x 8' 2" high. NYC, and LV also had those containers. There are taller [9' 4.5" high] containers ,but these had legs and these not listed as being used by the B&O. The containers with legs, designed for fork truck loading on drop-side gons, are listed for the NYC, LV and RDG. The taller had lift rings, so the drop-side not a requirement. Wonder what the side dimension on that gon is? Neat picture, the containers in photo could be these two. I have the LV 1928 container tariff, don't remember B&O interchange point, will have to dig out. I'd guess the NYC interchanged with B&O at Rochester, Buffalo and ????. 

Rich Chapin

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