Re: Great Northern Railway Newspaper Ad: Post-War Boxcar Shortage

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Interesting article. The boxcar shortage remained until about 1955, when the economy and boxcar supply changed. The Pennsy adopted the "Don't Stand Me Still " slogan to remind shippers to release empty or loaded cars quicker.

Many railroads were late to the rebuilding processes that began in the 1930's and 1940's and continued to repair and restore cars from the teens and twenties when realistically they should have been rebuilt. You can argue the cost, but you can't argue the strong order files at the car builders. It was a two edged sword and the shippers lost. The conservative nature of the railroads could be painful to shippers. The railroads complaints of a five day work week with shippers and the need for the railroads  to work seven days a week allowed a lot of room for the trucking industry to pilfer the best hauls from the class ones.

For the SP&S in the early 1950's reality set in when the AAR warned of embargo because of the misuse of the car service rules forcing the GN to have cars built for the SP&S. The OE was the most effected during this era.

Post war was a difficult for all industries with material shortages, labor strikes, work rule changes, refocusing on their railroad roles, and so much business that the railroad BOD's focused on taxes, rates and so forth.

I understand the article and it's message, but it was sign of the times and things to come. Reinvestment solves many challenges.

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Great Northern Railway Newspaper Ad: Post-War Boxcar Shortage

A link to an advertisement placed in the Minneapolis Moring Tribune, August 26, 1946:

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