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Greg Martin

Hey Yuze Gize,

Just a reminder that we are going to make a bit of a change to our release scheduling this year and perhaps from here forward.

We will make the official announcement on MONDAY December 2nd, 2019  at 5:30 PM Pacific Time or 8:30 Eastern time.

This years SHAKE N TAKE seminar will be presented by John Berry , hosted by Prototype Rails 2020 at the romantic Cocoa Beach Hilton... Whew, Whew!

John subject this year will be...                 And will hold to our values of Keep It Simple so it doesn't sit on the shelf.

I'll have my own clinic on the ATSF FE-26 boxcar with a simple resin add on sill (shameless plug).

Our S-N-T folks will be sitting in as observers only. Ted Culotta, Schuyler, Jim Singer, John Greedy and myself will be there.

Unfortunately our best friend and presenter Feton Wells will not be present due to some serious health issues, we hold him up in our prayers.

Guidelines are:
  • There are 36 kits and only 36 kits as usual. 
  • You must be present to receive you gratis kit, no exception but for Fenton Wells will receive a kit.
  • There are going to be 10 sign-up slot reserved for registration as usual.
  • 25 online slots available beginning Monday evening.
  • We will reserve and additional 10 spots for those that drop out or are no shows this is in no way a guarantee of a kit
  • If you don't like the subject or will not build the kit don't sign up.
  • If you receive the kit and don't wish to build we ask that you notify myself or Schuyler so we can get it to a person on the reserve list at any time. 
  • First come first serve, please.
I think I forgot mention the subject didn't I.

See you online Monday evening with the details,

Greg Martin 

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Hey Boss,

Somehow I got deleted from this group in late May. I guess someone didn't like me. Jail is a lonely place.

Greg Martin 

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