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Nelson Moyer

Thanks, Bill. I have Sandifer’s book, and other stock cars had transverse air reservoirs, so I surmised that the Sk-O would also have them. Different roads handled KC to AB brake system conversions differently. The CB&Q mounted all three components on the same side of the center sill on SM-16/18 conversion, and the air reservoir was in line with the center sill. It’s always best to ask, rather than speculate.


Nelson Moyer


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Nelson they were mounted in a travers orientation.

Very few Santa Fe cars had the reservoir mounted parallel to the center sill.  Most were cars with a Durea underframe.  I believe that the Bx38 war emergency car had the parallel mounting.  I'm not at home right now and can't verify that.


Bill Pardie




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Subject: [RealSTMFC] ATSF Sk-O Stock Car Air Reservoir Position


I’m building the Westerfield Sk-O kit with AB brakes, and I’d like to know if the air reservoir was mounted in line or transversely. I can’t tell for sure from the right side photo of ATSF 68093.


Nelson Moyer

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