Op session on the Alma branch

Jared Harper

It has been months since I hosted an op session on my Alma branch layout.  I hope to resume monthly op sessions in January.  For those of you not familiar with my layout it is 22 1/2'x30' in HO scale and depicts Santa Fe operations on its Alma,KS, branch in May 1943.  An op session lasts about 3-3 1/2 hours.  The crew consisting of an engineer, conductor, and brakeman run the daily mixed trains 96/95 from Burlingame to Alma following protocols followed by the real train crews in May 1943.  To get a better idea see Tom Klimowski's video under my name on You Tube.  The op session begins with lunch at noon after which we retreat to the basement to run trains.  Some possible January dates are Saturday the 4th, Sunday the 5th. Saturday the 25h or Sunday the 26th.  If any of these dates suit you let me know and we can decide on a date.

Jared Harper
420 Woodward Way
Athens, GA 30606

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