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Allan Smith

Frank Ellington's book Stock Cars of the Santa Fe Railway, has a drawing of class Sk-O on page 77 and a cross-section drawing on page 78, there are also photos of Sk-O 68000 side and end on page 24.. Also the 2nd quarter 2012 Warbonnet has an article by Jim Barnes about the Sk-M&O Stock cars with more photos of same.

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First, thanks to all those who responded to the air reservoir question. The next issue I’ve run into is the type of grab iron on the bottom of the end grab ladder. Both the end drawing and photo of ATSF 68000 on page 111 of Stephen Sandifer’s book show straight grab irons for all five rungs of the grab ladder, however the photo of ATSF 68093 on the same page shows a drop grab iron for the bottom rung of the end grab ladder (four straight grab irons and one drop grab iron). Westerfield instruction state that the bottom end ladder grab iron is a drop grab iron, probably based upon the photo of ATSF 68093. Which type grab iron was most common for the bottom rung of the end grab ladder?


The only information on brake component layout is on page 132 of Sandifer’s book, and that drawing is for a Sk-3 car. The only Sk-O photos I have show only the end and right side of the car, so it’s not easy to tell exactly where the control valve and brake cylinder were located, or where the train line penetrated the center sill. However, a photo of the brake components and train line on ATSF  Sk-S 68970 appears on page 119 of the Sandifer book. While the location of the air reservoir, control valve, and brake cylinder are similar for both the Sk-S and the Sk-3, the location of the train line penetration of the center sill is different.  Is it safe to assume that the Sk-O and Sk-S shared the same brake component locations and train line penetration point?


Anyone remotely interested in ATSF stock cars, general livestock traffic and practices, or modeling stock cars will love Sandifer’s book. For modelers, the close-up color photos of remaining cars provides details on the brake staff ratchet and pawl, uncoupling levers, door hinges, convertible deck hardware, and many other details that you won’t fine adequately covered in kit instructions.


Nelson Moyer



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