Intermountain GM&O reefer ?


Can anyone shed light on an Intermountain reefer custom-produced for the GM&O Historical Society?

This car is an NRC reefer with GM&O lettering, car number is 19578.  The model appears to be a standard R-40-23 with metal roofwalk, and the ends appear to be stock 3-3 as in the R-40-23 model.  I once did an MDT model of a similar car using stock ends but cutting and rearranging to produce a 3-4 end to match the prototype.  Other ends on cars built by MDT with sides similar to the R-40-23 had Despatch ends and plain flat sheet metal.  My MDT book is not with me, and I haven't found a close photo on line.

My question is, what ends did this prototype have, and any other details where this model might differ from the prototype?

Ron Merrick

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