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Very nice list of clinics. How do you stand regarding projectors? I have one.






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Subject: [RealSTMFC] STMFC - related clinics at Prototype Rails 2020


Hi Folks,


               We have a number of great STMFC-related clinics that are scheduled for Prototype Rails 2020 (January 9 – 11 in Cocoa Beach, FL).


We have the following freight-car clinics:

Barry: Shake & Take (tba)

Brown: Building a PRR X23b Boxcar

Culotta: How to Scratchbuild Freight Cars

Dahm: Building Resin Kits & Making Masters

Funaro: Mathieson Dry Ice Cars

Hadfield: New Arrowhead freight car (tba)

Martin: Modeling the ATSF Fe-26 Boxcar

Peacock: Box Car Parts and Fittings 1920's-50's.

Propst: Building a Granger Branch Freight Car Roster

Switzer: Freight Car Projects 9: NKP

Welch: L&N House Cars 1935-55

Welch: L&N Open-Top Cars 1935-55


That’s TWELVE HOURS of freight car clinics!  And as a bonus, there are tons of other great clinics.


See our website for clinic descriptions (you may have to click “refresh” on your browser): .


See you at the Beach!


-Jeff Aley

Clinic Chairman, PR’20



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