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Greg Martin

This year's SHAKE N TAKE seminar is the Santa Fe's BX-34 40-foot single door boxcar as presented by our own John Barry.

This year's car gets back the heart of SHAKE N TAKE being simplicity, as Richard reminds me, "keep it simple enough that it doesn't sit on the shelf and never gets build."

John has the underframe completed and he has worked diligently on the decal work for the kit. Intermountain is supplying the kits again this year., and we thanks them for their sponsorship.

Let me remind you that you have to be present to be considered and you must be willing to build the kit or return it to me to be redistributed to someone willing to build the kit. Be considerate before you commit.

Let me remind you everyone that there a total of 36 slots, 10 reserved for the registration desk and 25 online slots. There will be a reserved list and likely if there is enough interest as in the past we will release aftermarket parts.

Greg Martin

  1. Fenton Wells
  2. Monte Switzer
  3. Mike Smeltzer
  4. Ed Shoben
  5. Bruce Smith
  6. Richard Townsend
  7. Dr J Brent Greer
  8. Roger Hinman
  9. Craig Zeni
  10. Tom Sinks
  11. Mark Kapka
  12. Paul Bizier
  13. Steve Hile
  14. TJ Stranton
  15. Bill Raymond
  16. John Cantlay
  17. Bill Darnaby
  18. George Corral
  19. Steve Orth
  20. Schuyler Larrabee
  21. Jim SingerĀ 
  22. Bill Raymond
  23. Henry Horn
  24. Tony Thompson
  25. Mike Brock

Hey Boss,

Somehow I got deleted from this group in late May. I guess someone didn't like me. Jail is a lonely place.

Greg MartinĀ 

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