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Utah wasn’t the only copper state in the west... Arizona also generated a rather large amount of copper from sulfide deposits. And, like Utah’s smelters, smelters in Arizona also discharged SO2 into the atmosphere... this didn’t happen until relatively recently. In fact I remember the haze in the air over the San Pedro valley from the smelter in San Manuel. When they were reluctantly forced to add scrubbers to the smelter, not only the air was vastly improved, but Magma’s bottom line was as well... Imagine the Government forcing a copper company to make additional money! (I once heard a similar story regarding a certain railroad being forced to convey National Guard troops and their vehicles to a large National Guard training area in Florence, AZ... they made a cool million dollars out of the deal, and they went into it kicking and screaming.)

In addition to their Bingham pit and Magma smelter/refining,
Kennecott Copper also operated pits near Ely, NV and a mill/
smelter at McGill, NV. The ore was moved by KCC owned and
operated trains from the pits to the mill, and the resulting
low grade copper (called Blister) was shipped by train on the
Nevada Northern Railroad to Magma to be refined. The
legacy of all this is the Nevada Northern Railroad Museum.

Montana also had copper mining. Even CA before the Shasta
lake was filled which flooded the copper activity, Kennett
was the location on the SP.

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