WESTERFIELD MODELS Newsletter, Vol 8, No 5, December, 2019


Hello Steam Era Modeler:

Westerfield Models has three new Kits available now!

Our newest HO releases are Kits #12901 Fe-Q, #13001 Fe-R and #13151 Fe-V 50 foot sectional sheathed Automobile boxcars, all lettered for AT&SF. 


The 500 Fe-Q automobile boxcars (Series #64701-65200) were built in 1924 by Pullman and used the sectional sheathing sides developed by AT&SF.  This series also had fishbelly steel underframes, 7-5-5 corrugated steel ends, flexible metal roofs, 1-1/2 metal plate side doors with a 10 foot opening, KC air brakes and Andrews U section trucks.

The 500 Fe-R automobile boxcars (Series #65201-65700) were built by Pullman in 1926.  These cars were built similar to the Fe-Q but with a few improvements.  They came with radial steel roofs and ARA cast steel trucks with integral journals.
The 10 Fe-V automobile boxcars (Series #67251-67260) were rebuilt by AT&SF in 1934.  These cars received two 6 foot corrugated metal doors with a 12 foot opening, AB brakes, Ajax handbrakes and the added left side grab iron.  These cars were equipped with auto loaders.

Our Kits cover all variations and lettering styles for the life of these cars.

Our unpainted HO Kits include detail parts appropriate for the Fe-Q, Fe-R or Fe-V, including the following details:
Improved Cast Urethane One-Piece Body Construction with Fine Details.
Urethane Castings of detail parts, including many car specific parts.
Detailed Hi-Tech real rubber air hoses.
Yarmouth Etched Bronze Corner Steps and Eyebolts.
Proprietary Decals covering all versions of the car.
Detailed Step by Step Instructions and History Sheets with assembly and finished model photographs.
Recommended Trucks: Original: Andrews U Section: TMW-212 or Kadee 509 Trucks.
                                        : Modern: ARA Cast Steel:        TMW-207
Tahoe & Kadee Trucks and Kadee Couplers are available separately or with Kit (See below).

They are available direct from Westerfield Models for $ 47.00 each plus shipping.  Most of our Kits do not include trucks or couplers.  We do offer Tahoe Trucks and Kadee Couplers for this Series of Kit and separately for our other Kits.  See the Kit versions listed below for more information and Operating Eras.

             Fe-Q Operating Era:   1924-1943.
12901  Fe-Q  50 Ft SS Boxcar, Flexible Metal Roof, 7-5-5 Ends, 1-1/2 Plate Metal Doors, 10 Ft Opening, K/AB Brakes, AT&SF   $47
             Fe-R Operating Era:   1926-1943.
13001  Fe-R  50 Ft SS Boxcar, Radial Steel Roof, 7-5-5 Ends, 1-1/2 Plate Metal Doors, 10 Ft Opening, K/AB Brakes, AT&SF        $47
             Fe-V Operating Era:   1934-1940                                  
13151  Fe-V  50 Ft SS Boxcar, Flexible Metal Roof, 7-5-5 Ends, Double Corrugated Metal Doors, 12 Ft Opening, AB Brakes       $47

12981  Fe-Q/R/V  SS Boxcar with Tahoe/Kadee Code 110 Trucks, Specify Type                                                                                    $54
12982  Fe-Q/R/V  SS Boxcar with Tahoe/Kadee Code 88 Trucks, Specify Type                                                                                      $54

All of our Kits are available at our secure website: westerfieldmodels.com

We have also posted some videos of the new Kits on our YouTube Channel:

Please Note:  Shipping is not included.

Westerfield Kits include new HO scale unpainted urethane castings, and are complete with quality details, detailed instruction/history sheets
and proprietary decals covering all versions of the prototype car.   Trucks and couplers are not included but are available - See below.

Please also see our Ready To Ship Kits List on our website main page, left side: 

Westerfield Models is working on some new Kits.  Please make sure you are signed up for our e-newsletter to receive the upcoming news.

Westerfield Models is available for custom casting work.  We can make castings from your patterns, both from your custom masters or your 3D printed masters.  Please see our Website, Main Page "Custom Castings" for more information.  Link to page:  WESTERFIELD HO SCALE CRAFTSMAN RESIN PROTOTYPE STEAM ERA FREIGHT CAR KITS

Questions or Suggestions?  Feel free to email us at:  westerfieldmodels@....

Thank you,

Andrew Dahm
Westerfield Models, LLC
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