Made a start (WP SS boxcar)

Andy Carlson

I offered HO WP 40' SS resin box car kits 20+ years ago and I was selling as many as I received orders for. I doubt that I sold more that 30 kits. I even sold far fewer of the 40' stock cars which the WP made in 1937 from donor 40' box cars. I have found that WP modelers were very unsupportiveĀ  back then and I would not be surprised to see that things have changed this last 2 decades.

However, I have found that the GN folks were pretty positive and I appreciated their support. Before I dump more on the WP crowd, I remind myself that they are not very large in numbers. The WP modelers io site often gets less than 12 postings per month. Yet the few modelers have some very proven talent.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

On Friday, December 6, 2019, 7:01:07 PM PST, radiodial868 <radiodial@...> wrote:

We've discussed the Single Sheath boxcars over on the WP Modelers FB site a couple of times. Bill Kennedy has decals that cover the 26000 series with the proper medallion. Here is an image of the cars in Plaster service that covers the roof a little better (but not perfectly). I keep playing with doing the Accurail conversion, but the more details I find out about the prototype, the more I keep going back to Sketch-up and playing with making parts to make a pattern master for Andrew Dahm to cast. It's doable - if I could just get the time. Such a common lament...
RJ Dial
Burlingame, CA

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