Re: IC 50 foot box car (was Photo: Bad Stencil Job)

Jeffrey White


IC 2700-27499 were built at the IC car shops in Centralia IL in 1951 and you are correct they were built with 6 foot doors.  I hadn't seen that photo and I thought you were referring to the hide cars.  27500-27999 built at the same time had 8 foot doors.

2700-27499 had A3 Ride Control Trucks, 6 foot Camel doors, Universal handbrakes, Morton running boards and Improved Dreadnaught ends. Sides and ends wood lined and insulated roof.

Here is a photo of IC 34861 on eBay now:

Unfortunately the starting bid is more then I would pay for the slide, even though it's the only photo of one of those cars I've been able to find.

Jeff White

Alma, IL

On 12/7/2019 1:43 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

I'd love to see a photo of the IC 34990- series cars. However, the IC 27184 most
definitely does NOT have an auxiliary door. Since there are over 400 cars listed,
I think it's safe to say this car (27184) was built this way.

Tim O'Connor

On 12/7/2019 2:28 PM, Jeffrey White wrote:


IC 34990 -34999 were originally automobile cars with 10 foot doors. They had Hutchins all steel roofs and Murphy ends. They had the Aux door closed and 50 ton trucks applied in 1954 and were assigned to hide loading service. This left them with 6 foot doors that weren't staggered. The car diagram says no metal panels.

5 cars were still in service on 1 January 1960. The IC 1960 equipment list shows 34 more identical cars numbered 34866-34899 in service on 1 January 1960 but they must have been converted after 1954 as those numbers don't show as hide cars in my 1954 freight car diagram book.

Jeff White

Alma, IL

On 12/7/2019 12:08 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Of much greater interest to me is this IC 50 foot box car has a 6 foot door! :-)

Tim O'

On 12/2/2019 11:56 AM, Bob Chaparro via Groups.Io wrote:

Photo: Bad Stencil Job

This is link to a photo from in the collection of the University of Utah:

Notice the tilted placement of the reweigh stencil. This could be my cover should I again botch a reweigh decal job...always a possibility.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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