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Schleigh Mike

Hello Ron & Group!

I have a Jay Williams print of RI 40400, no date but reweighed 10-62.  The lettering style is that 'block' style that came to the Rock late in the 1950s.  There is no herald on the right.  That series of car numbers was created about that time for hide service and the 40400 is so labeled.  This car is modeled by Rocket Express RI-2 (double door, fixed ends).

Hope this helps.

Regards from frosty Grove City in western Penna.

Mike Schleigh

On Sunday, December 8, 2019, 11:31:25 AM EST, mopacfirst <ron.merrick@...> wrote:

I have a RI 264000 series single-sheathed double door box (Rocket Express) almost ready to paint.  I'm looking for the lettering style from the mid-late 50s, either as a general service car or as a hide car.  There are plenty of photos on line of RI 264070, freshly restored to its as-built paint scheme, but none in-service late in life.

I can assume that, beyond the reporting marks and data, that there probably would not have been a herald or ROCK ISLAND lettering on the car.  Is this likely?  And reporting marks - Roman or gothic?

Ron Merrick

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