Re: RI 264000 lettering


The only thing 'wrong' with the decals that come with the kit is that they're for the original build.  More often than not, that's the situation I find myself in, as a late 50s modeler.

I will no doubt cobble the lettering together from Microscale 87-19 since I happen to have several of those.  Not sure yet about the dimensional data but I think I have enough decals from the Gothic style dimensional data Microscale set.

Thanks, Norm, for posting that shot of a hide car, that's exactly what I thought the car should look like.  Mine will probably be a hide car also, since my railroad serves the Wichita stock yards / packing house complex, and that's where I saw one of these about 1970 but I can't come up with a photo of it.

Ron Merrick

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