Private-Plugging IM bodies

Andy Carlson

Brian, I have a very useful technique for plugging holes on styrene bodies. 1st step is to place a stretched piece of scotch tape over the hole's opening. 2nd is to use Ace Hardware 2-ton epoxy and fill the taped-over hole from behind with the epoxy. I use a toothpick, and the clearness of the tape allows the visual siting of a full fill without voids. 3rd is to simply remove the tape the next day. After rubbing the residual stickyness from the tape with your finger tips you are ready for paint. I use this technique a lot and it works quite well for me.

If you fill that the hole is too small, simply ream it larger, which I have done a few times. If you can't find the Ace epoxy (Never use 5-minute epoxy) use JB original epoxy from auto part stores..

On Sunday, December 8, 2019, 6:59:18 PM PST, Brian Carlson via Groups.Io <prrk41361@...> wrote:

I’m working on an Intermountain box car and I need to plug some of the holes in the body to re-detail it. I have found I don’t have an appropriate diameter styrene rod. What I have is too small.  Since I have to order some anyway what’s the correct one.

Brian J. Carlson

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