Re: Plugging IM bodies

Charlie Vlk

An old trick is to take some plastic sprue and heat it over a open flame or a soldering iron As it starts to melt pull on the end and stretch it thin. Cut it in the center and push it in the hole from the outside until the resulting tapered plug is snug. Use liquid cement on the inside to glue in place. When set cut off flush on interior and exterior.
Charlie Vlk

On Dec 8, 2019, at 8:59 PM, Brian Carlson via Groups.Io <> wrote:

I’m working on an Intermountain box car and I need to plug some of the holes in the body to re-detail it. I have found I don’t have an appropriate diameter styrene rod. What I have is too small. Since I have to order some anyway what’s the correct one.

Brian J. Carlson

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