Re: WP conversion

Tony Thompson

Garth Groff awrote:

While I am loath to argue with Tony about this, I find no evidence or mention of roof replacements to the WP 15001-series boxcars. 

Some years ago I was discussing these cars with someone I believe is knowledgeable about WP modeling (might have been John Ryczkowski) and he mentioned steel outside roofs being applied. Might that have been the caboose conversions, if not the box cars? But that was my basis. I don't have photos.

I suggest the Accurail roof should be sanded smooth and Archer seams added. The car is way too tall to be even a good stand-in (they had just an 8-foot IH, and were 12' 10" and change at the roof peak), which was why I disposed of my examples long ago. 

        Sanding off the ribs would certainly make it look better.

Tony Thompson

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