Re: HO Scale Utah Coal Route GS Gondola Kits Available

Corey Bonsall

Hi Larry,

I'm 3D printing these at home on a Formlabs Form 2 SLA resin printer, it uses a acrylic liquid resin that is UV photo-sensitive.  I do end up with some support blemishes on one side of the car, but those can be manipulated in the printer software to be on easily-sandable locations.  Its a wholly different animal than the cast resins or styrene.

I'm also doing the decals myself, using a Ghost White laser toner cartridge on Microscale paper.

Tim, I'm still learning Inkscape to do the artwork, but my middle age and one bad eye must be getting to me, I cannot see hardly any difference between the model and the photo.  That is one of the very photos I stared at for days to create the artwork too.  I am probably biased though...

These cars did have a lot of similar cousins, I think the CB&Q/C&S had some very close, as well as the 43k series D&RGW.  If we tweak the end side sheets, we get the D&SL cars as well.  The main set of prints I used to draft was a pre-WWI USRA pattern with a few tweaks, so some of the design components/ratios showed up in a lot of cars to follow.

Thanks everyone for the feedback,

Corey Bonsall

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