Re: WP conversion

Randy Hees

We have one of these box cars in our museum shop,  WP 2711, wreck train rider car (Elko) , earlier numbers unknown, To Heber UT, converted to a tourist rider car, to Nevada State Railroad Museum Boulder City, 1993, out of service, currently being rehabilitated for tourist service…


In the case of this car the roof system consists of steel carlines with wood ridge pole and perlins on top of the steel carlines (and blocking directly over the carline, with wood roof sheeting running the length of the car body, with longitudinal boards over that.  There was a layer of roof felt or similar between the two layers of wood sheeting, and graveled roof felt over all.  It is possible (even likely) that the last layer of graveled roof paper was added after the car left the WP, or at worst while in work service, but the remainder of the roof is clearly from railroad service.  There is no evidence of any steel sheeting on this car.


By the way we would love to add any original plans to this car’s preservation file.


Randy Hees

Director, Nevada State Railroad Museum, Boulder City



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