Photo: SFRD Reefer 6719

Bob Chaparro

Photo: SFRD Reefer 6719

A link courtesy of Brian Rochon previously posted on this group:

Not a great photo but this can be improved with photo editing software.

SFRD 6719 is a Class Rr-P refrigerator car from the series 6701-7200. These cars were built in 1909 by AC&F.

The cars had a wood exteriors and wood superstructures. The original underframe was wood supported by truss rods. In later years some of these cars received steel channels along the center sills to reinforce the underframe as well as flexible metal roofs. The cars had Bohn ice tanks.

There is a drawing of  Rr-P 6702 on Page 67 of the Santa Fe reefer book. The drawing indicates some of these cars had Garland ventilators. These ventilators were discussed in this message post:,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,garland,20,2,0,31132621

There also were additional message posts on this subject. These can be accessed with the Message Search feature.

A photo of Rr-P 7140 is on Page 68 of the Santa Fe reefer book*.

The last five Rr-P reefers left the live list in 1936.

I cannot find evidence that any of these cars were rebuilt into later classes. It is possible some went into company service, however.

I also could not find a listing for a Class Rr-P reefer model in Westerfield's catalog listing.

Bob Chaparro


Railroad Citrus Industry Modeling Group

*Santa Fe Refrigerator Cars Ice Bunker Cars 1884-1979

(Volume 2, Rolling Stock Reference Series)

By C. Keith Jordan, Richard H. Hendrickson, John B. Moore and A. Dean Hale and the Santa Fe Modeler Organization (1994)

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