Coil Car teaser

Gatwood, Elden J SAD


Here are some "teasers" from my research (please do not post, re-post or publish. If it happens, you won't get any more):

So the attached are the earliest photos I can find (from the PRRT&HS archives), of a dedicated "coil car".

The first is what instigated the second: damage from coil transport in a "standard" box car. The coils were poorly blocked (if at all), resulting in coil rolling. They also tipped into the ends, causing additional damage. Damage included crushing of flooring, wood lining, side posts, end posts, and eventually exterior sheathing.

The "solution" in the second shot is a dedicated PRR X31 coil-hauling coil car, with replaced and more robust oak flooring, 3/16" steel liners with new wood supporting same, in dedicated turn-around service.

1937. I'm curious if they appear in any ORER. I have not found them.

Anyone have evidence of the same thing on other railroads? I would love to know about other RRs' answers to this new kind of cargo.


Elden Gatwood

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